Position On...

Donald Trump

D. Trump

Gary Johnson

G. Johnson

Hillary Clinton

H. Clinton

Obamacare Repeal Repeal Expand SSource
Family and Medical Leave 6 Weeks Paid
Women Only
opposes 12 Weeks Paid Men/Women SSource
Tax Plan Mostly Benefits The Rich The Rich The Middle Class SSource
Raising Minimum Wage opposes opposes supports SSource
Wall Street Regulation opposes opposes supports SSource SSource
Gun Control opposes opposes supports SSource
Net Neutrality opposes opposes supports SSource
Climate Change Regulations opposes opposes supports SSource
Spending on Green Energy opposes opposes supports SSource
Free College Tuition opposes opposes supports SSource SSource
Equal Pay opposes opposes supports SSource
Birth Control
opposes supports supports SSource
Pro Labor Union opposes opposes supports SSource
Affirmative Action opposes opposes supports SSource
Prevent Russian Airstrikes in Syria opposes opposes supports SSource
Women's Reproductive Rights opposes supports

(But Opposes Funding)

supports SSource
Allow Same-Sex Marriage opposes supports

(Churches Can Opt Out)

supports SSource
Allow Same-Sex
Couples to Adopt
opposes supports supports SSource
Fund Planned Parenthood opposes supports supports SSource
Close Guantanamo opposes supports supports SSource
Allow Women in Combat opposes supports supports SSource
Mandatory Military Service (age 18) supports opposes opposes SSource
Use of Torture in Military supports opposes opposes SSource
Ground Troops to Fight Isis supports opposes opposes SSource
Expand Offshore Drilling supports supports opposes SSource
TPP opposes supports opposes SSource
Fracking supports supports No Unless Safe
Conditions Proven
Air and Water Regulations opposes Position Not Clear supports SSource
Repeal Citizens United Position Not Clear opposes supports SSource SSource
Federal Stem Research Position Not Clear opposes supports SSource
Regulate Cost of Life Saving Drugs supports opposes supports SSource
Maintain Social Security Age supports Increase to 75 supports SSource
Protect Social Security supports Privatize supports SSource
Protect National Parks supports

(But Party Opposes)

Position Not Clear supports SSource
Corporate Tax Rate Lower to 15% Lower to Zero Close Loopholes SSource
Medicare Position Not Clear Turn Over to the States Protect & Lower
Age to 55
SSource SSource
Immigration Deport Millions/Build Wall Supports a
VISA Program
Path to Citizenship SSource
*Why we did not include Jill Stein